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A spongy-looking yellow cluster with small red spots poking through

May 20, 2016

  • Collins and Rehm, seated on stage, smile as they interact with the audience.

    Rall Lecture Features Host-Guest Swap

    NIH director Dr. Francis Collins interviewed Diane Rehm at the Rall Cultural Lecture Apr. 7 in Masur Auditorium. Part of the reason their public dialogue seemed so effortless is that Collins has been Rehm's guest on her NPR show at least 10 times.
  • Dr. Matthew Memoli speaks at podium

    NIAID Researchers Move Closer to Universal Flu Vaccine

    Flu viruses mutate from year to year—sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly. By mutating, they make it harder for the immune system to eliminate them. Two NIAID scientists are attempting to learn more about how the viruses function so they can develop better vaccines.
  • Dr. Steven Clinton speaks at podium

    Studies Find Certain Foods May Lower Risk of Some Cancers

    Growing evidence shows that a plant-based dietary pattern is associated with a lower risk of many cancers. Researchers at Ohio State University are studying how certain phytochemicals or combinations of bioactives found in tomatoes, soy and berries can reduce the risk of certain cancers.
  • Wheeland and Birnbaum, wearing white hard hats, smile, holding shovels.

    NIEHS Breaks Ground for ‘Net Zero Energy’ Warehouse

    A rarely visited portion of the NIEHS campus in Research Triangle Park, N.C., was the scene of the Apr. 15 groundbreaking for a new warehouse. Scheduled for completion in 2017, the building is designed to generate as much or more power than it uses.
A spongy-looking yellow cluster with small red spots poking through

On the Cover

Representation of the surface of the Zika virus with protruding envelope glycoproteins (red) showing

Photo: Kuhn & Rossmann Research Groups, Purdue University

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