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Panel Explores Deficits of Wealthy Nation

Group shot of NHLBI think tank panel
Experts from the U.S. (including representatives from NHLBI, NCI, NIDDK, NINDS, NCATS, NIMHD, FIC, CDC, academia and foundations), the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Finland and Sweden discuss research that may tackle the underpinnings of health disadvantages in the U.S.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute recently convened a think tank panel meeting on “Understanding Health Disadvantages Across High-Income Countries.” The 2-day meeting, led by NHLBI’s Center for Translation Research and Implementation Science, explored why the United States is experiencing a health disadvantage characterized by worse health outcomes across all groups—rich/poor, urban/rural and among vulnerable populations—compared to other high-income countries. 

For more information about the meeting and next steps, contact Dr. Luis Alejandro Salicrup, (301) 451-1073,

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