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The garden at Stone House

July 29, 2016

  • Stubborn Challenges Remain with Hepatitis C, Rice Says

    Dr. Charles M. Rice of the Rockefeller University said that while 100 percent eradication of HCV remains a stubborn challenge, he believes a vaccine will ultimately be needed to nail that last 5 percent of the problem.
  • Cell Transplants Could Treat Chronic Pain Caused by Nerve Damage

    ​The best treatment for neuropathic pain--chronic pain caused by nerve damage--only works in 30 percent of patients, and at best a 30 percent reduction of pain is typical, said Dr. Allan Basbaum. He said pain management must consider a blend of pharmacological, psychological and, hopefully in the not too distant future, transplant approaches.
  • Symposium on Point-of-Care Devices Shows How Far We’ve Come

    Point-of-care devices have helped doctors diagnose and manage diseases for years. Now, NIBIB-funded researchers are taking the latest technological developments and adapting them to smaller, simpler, faster, more affordable and more portable devices that can fit in a physician’s office or in low-resource settings and return results in minutes.
  • Despite Progress in War On Cancer, Access to Care Complicates Efforts

    The ongoing war on cancer has made some inroads, but certain factors, especially disparities in access to care, have tempered our success, says Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical and scientific officer for the American Cancer Society.
The garden at Stone House

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A view of Stone House, where offices for the Fogarty International Center are located. Purple catnip adorns the garden.

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