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Getting To ‘Know the Science’ of Health

An infographic

Do you ever feel unsure how to interpret study findings in a scientific journal? Do the glowing claims for a dietary supplement appear too good to be true? And what’s the real deal with that “miracle cure” being touted by a TV doctor?

Help is here, in the form of a new initiative with a set of resources from NCCIH called “Know the Science.” They are designed to help consumers better understand complex scientific concepts, topics, news stories, etc., relating to health research, so they can more readily evaluate them and make well-informed health decisions. While complementary approaches are occasionally highlighted, the materials apply across all areas of health. 

Interactive modules, quizzes, infographics and videos are featured (with more on the way), as well as links to other NIH science literacy resources. Sample NCCIH topics include making sense of health research, interpreting health news stories and explaining why calling something “natural” does not necessarily mean it is “safer” or “better.”

Staff at the center and a team from its advisory council developed the resources after researching science literacy gaps and consulting both NIH and external experts. Visit

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