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On Jan. 19

HHS White House Liaisons Visit NIH

Delegation from HHS Office of White House Liaison visits NIH

Dr. James Gilman (l), CEO of the Clinical Center, greets (from l) Heidi Stirrup, deputy director of OWHL and her colleagues Julie LeFevre, Tim Clark, David Mansdoerfer and Jacob Ashendorf.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Delegates from HHS Office of White House Liaison visit NCI lab.

NCI’s Dr. Jack Shern (l) addresses the group in a lab as NCI deputy director Dr. Douglas Lowy (second from l) looks on.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

On Jan. 19, a delegation from the HHS Office of White House Liaison visited NIH to tour the Clinical Center and meet scientists from the National Cancer Institute. The group also toured the Children’s Inn at NIH during the morning visit. 

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