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Repairs Made to ‘Sky Horizon’ Sculpture

The “Sky Horizon” sculpture, before and after repairs.
The “Sky Horizon” sculpture, before and after repairs.

The large abstract sculpture near the Clinical Center’s north entrance recently got a facelift.

The “Sky Horizon” sculpture found at the end of West Drive was power-washed, given a fresh primer and a coat of paint, said Lillian Fitzgerald, curator of the Clinical Center Art Program.

Modern sculpture artist Louise Nevelson created the piece. The 25-foot high sculpture is an assemblage of steel beams and a variety of panels welded and bolted together.

The sculpture was dedicated to NIH in 1988. It originally belonged to the family of Edwin C. Whitehead, founder of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and Technicon Corp. In 2006, the family formally donated it to NIH.

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