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Panoramic view of HeLa cells.

October 19, 2018

  • Collins holds up a flu virus model at the podium.

    Festival Showcases Intramural Research Program

    “I’ve never seen a time of greater excitement and promise across a broad range of areas from basic to clinical research as what we have right now,” said NIH director Dr. Francis Collins during opening remarks at the 32nd NIH Research Festival on Sept. 12 in Masur Auditorium.
  • Dr. David Liu

    Advances in DNA Editing Are Changing the Field

    Dr. David Liu had to think outside the box. Facing limitations from traditional genome- editing techniques, he pursued a multidisciplinary approach that’s revolutionizing the field.
  • Dr. James Gilman blows a whistle to start the race.

    ‘Worktime’s Over’ Wings It, Wins Relay

    ​The atmosphere seemed different at the 35th NIH Institute Relay. Teams didn’t appear to be quite as competitive as in years past, though there was plenty of team spirit.
  • Allen, Kandarpa and Langlotz.

    NIBIB Holds Workshop on AI in Medical Imaging

    ​Artificial intelligence (AI) is tantalizingly close to being incorporated in medical practice, perhaps more quickly into the field of medical imaging than anywhere else.
Panoramic view of HeLa cells

On the Cover

Panoramic view of HeLa cells, a cell line many scientists use to study a large variety of research questions. The cells’ nuclei containing the DNA are stained in blue with cytoskeletons in gray.

Photo: Tom Deerinck, National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research

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