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NIH Judo Club’s 40th Anniversary Class Begins Jan. 8

January 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the NIH Judo Club. This is a special time and opportunity for members of the NIH community to begin judo as the club celebrates 4 decades of teaching, learning and practicing the sport.

In January 1979, the NIH Judo Club was founded by Dr. Thomas E. Malone, who was then NIH deputy director. Judo, an Olympic sport since 1964, was founded in 1882 in Tokyo. The NIH dojo (place to practice judo) is located in the Thomas E. Malone Judo and Taekwondo Center in the Fitness Center (Bldg. 31C, B4 level).

This is how the club was advertised to the NIH community 40 years ago: “The club will emphasize Kodokan judo in which the principles and techniques of judo lead to development of the mind and the body [and] carry over to all aspects of daily living. The formal phase of the initial course will include judo exercises, methods of breaking falls and selected throwing and grappling forms.”

Today, for beginners, the NIH Judo Club follows the same format with some modifications as students learn judo techniques, train for competition and work toward earning their first belt-rank.

The club will reserve 10 slots for beginners from NIH. Inquiry for admission to the introduction to judo course in January 2019 (starting Tuesday, Jan. 8) is now open and will close on Dec. 15. The course material will be covered over four Tuesday classes; attendance at all four Tuesdays in January is mandatory for admission to the class.

If you are interested, visit and contact the club at There will be other months that the club will offer an introductory course to celebrate the 40th anniversary. 


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