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Bldg. 31C Conference Center to Get Facelift, Reopen in Early 2020

The Bldg. 31 Conference Center has served NIH well for 50 years but has not received any significant updates and is showing its age and inadequacies. The Office of Research Services’ Events Management Branch, in partnership with the Office of Research Facilities, will begin a yearlong renovation to the 6th floor conference center beginning Monday, Dec. 17. Reopening is tentatively scheduled for mid-January 2020. 

The scope includes: new audio/visual equipment; improving fire egress and floor plan efficiency; installation of energy-efficient LED lighting and double-pane windows; replacement of HVAC/air handling units with an energy-efficient system located in the penthouse; individual temperature controls for each room; asbestos abatement; an expansion of the women’s restroom; and improvement to the overall appearance and flexibility of the space. The area will be demolished down to the columns. 

After Dec. 17, there will be no access to the C-wing 6th floor, elevators will be locked out and vending machines will be removed as well as the coffee brewing stations. Noise from demolition and core drilling will begin early but end by 9 a.m. The dumpsters at the loading dock will also be removed by 9 each morning. The freight elevator will be in constant use for demolition and deliveries. A crane may be required for window installation and new HVAC equipment. Utility shutdowns should not affect the rest of the building.

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