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‘P2P’ Program Seeks New Topics

The NIH Office of Disease Prevention (ODP) is seeking new topic proposals for the Pathways to Prevention (P2P) program. P2P addresses complex public health issues that have incomplete or underdeveloped research and for which there is a need for evidence review that assesses the published literature and current state of the science. 

Each year, the P2P program conducts workshops that identify research gaps and suggest ways to move the field forward. Seven such workshops have taken place so far. 

Workshop proposals may be submitted by any group of two or more institutes, centers or offices and may have multiple co-sponsoring organizations. Other groups, such as other government agencies or trans-agency workgroups, professional societies and advocacy organizations, may also propose topics with an NIH IC as a sponsor.

A workshop on Achieving Health Equity in Preventive Services will take place in June 2019. 

ODP is available to discuss the P2P process and workshop ideas. For more information, email

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