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Large pink dots with yellow strands make up the 3-D structure of a melanoma cell

June 28, 2019

  • Dr. Sekar Kathiresan at podium

    Role of Genes, Lifestyle Explored in Heart Attack

    Leading cardiology expert Dr. Sekar Kathiresan has three major goals as he leaves academia to start a company: interpret patients' genomes early in life, intervene with diet, exercise and medication, and perhaps most importantly, develop new treatments to prevent heart attack.
  • Dr. Sheena Josselyn speaks at podium in Neuroscience Center.

    Neuroscientist Studies the Making of Memories

    Senior scientist Dr. Sheena Josselyn has long studied what triggers the brain to make, retrieve and link memories. The field can provide insights into how we learn and may lead to interventions for cognitive impairments and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • A smiling Dr. Eurich

    Eurich Explores Why Self-Awareness Matters

    “Most people believe they’re above average on every socially desirable characteristic,” said Dr. Tasha Eurich at a recent NIH seminar. Laughter erupted when she added, “The least competent people are the most confident about their abilities and performance.”
  • Dr. Briana Pobiner speaks to audience.

    Pobiner Takes Evolution Studies from Field to Classroom

    How did human beings evolve? Where did we come from? What did our prehistoric ancestors eat? And why is all that information relevant today? These are some of the questions that Dr. Briana Pobiner, keynote speaker at an NIDDK scientific conference, addressed recently.
Large pink dots with yellow strands make up the 3-D structure of a melanoma cell

On the Cover

3-D structure of melanoma cell derived by ion abrasion scanning electron microscopy.

Photo: Sriram Subramaniam, NCI

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