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Human Natural Killer Cell

October 4, 2019

  • Research Festival Speakers Inspire Trainees

    If you think world-class science lacks humor or the ability to stun, you probably didn’t attend NIH’s 33rd Research Festival, which took over most of the public space within Bldg. 10 on Sept. 11.
  • NIH Investigates Foreign Influence at U.S. Grantee Institutions

    NIH has identified more than 100 instances of troubling foreign influence on extramural research, including withholding information about funding sources and conflicts of interests and violating the confidentiality of peer review, said Dr. Michael Lauer.
  • NIH’er Writes Children’s Book About a Herpetologist

    Fascinated by Komodo dragons and inspired by fellow women scientists, NIH's Patricia Valdez wrote a children's book about a herpetologist named Joan Procter. A century ago, Procter cared for the first Komodo dragons to arrive in Europe, while serving as the first female curator of the London Zoo's Reptile House.
  • NIDCR Seeks Ways to Reduce Dental Fear

    People range from being comfortable to fearful when it comes to visiting the dentist. Being afraid enough to skip basic care often results in more cavities and poorer oral health. To explore the problem, NIDCR convened a workshop.
Human Natural Killer Cell

On the Cover

Colorized scanning electron micrograph of a natural killer cell from a human donor.


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