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While We Were Away…

Three foxes near a den
A den of at least 3 foxes has made a home outside the entrance to Bldg. 30. Jamie Schetrompf, assistant program manager for the animal facility at NIDCR, captured the image.

Photo:  Jamie Schetrompf

Three kits play near a building
The image is from a short video of the foxes made by a person who forwarded it to Schetrompf.
A wild turkey roams
A wild turkey roams free between Bldgs. 2 and 31 on Mar. 29.

Photo:  Dr. Heike Bailin

In the time since NIH went primarily telework-only in mid-March due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, wildlife has stepped into the ecological hole left by humans. Deer and Canada geese have always been workday neighbors of NIH employees. What species will next become more apparent amid our flora and fauna? And will they do a phased exit as we do a phased reentry?

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