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We’ve Seen Your Pets—Now Show Us Your Projects

A drawing in a notebook of the beak-like mask once worn by plague doctors with the words: Wash Your Damn Hands

“During this pandemic period, I have gone back to drawing,” said Sahar Rais-Danai, deputy chief grants management officer at NIAMS. “Although my artwork might have taken a dark turn, I think this conveys an important message. It’s definitely getting framed and put up in the bathroom.”

Dr. Kilmarx holds a power drill over a log in front of his home.

Dr. Peter Kilmarx, FIC deputy director, drills holes in a log to inoculate with shiitake mushroom spore dowels at home in Bethesda in April. The mushrooms will grow in 6-12 months.

A collage of colorful face masks

These masks were made by Dr. Kilmarx's wife, Nichaphat Kilmarx, for their family and friends.

In the same spirit as the recent NIH Record photo series on pets who got us through our teleworking travails, we are now soliciting photos of projects you may have undertaken during the pandemic period, and of which you are proud.

Did you complete a piece of furniture, build a guitar, master the baking of sourdough bread or concoct homemade ginger beer? Did you take up painting, learn bonsai or become a bike mechanic?

Here’s the challenge: Send us a photo (high-resolution color digital image) that visually captures your achievement and a caption of 30 or fewer words. Feel free to include yourself in the image.

We will accept submissions through Friday, Aug. 7. Email us at or

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