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Pandemic Projects Occupy NIH’ers’ Free Time

The phrase, "wash your hands!" written in chalk
A cartoon strawberry says "Stay berry healthy"
A running cartoon banana says "I gotta split"
A cartoon grape says "Public health professionals are grape!"
A cartoon orange ask, "Orange you glad I bought toilet paper?"

NIH employees, notoriously accomplished in their free time, were recently asked to share with us their creative projects, undertaken during those hours when a commute would normally occupy their time. Since the global coronavirus pandemic has made telework mandatory for many, we asked to see what’s been going on outside of work hours. Here is some of the harvest. Feel free to submit your project to the editors by Aug. 24.

“I am sharing these chalk drawings my husband and I did at the beginning of all this for our kids,” said Neyal Ammary-Risch of NHLBI’s communications office. “Because I’m a nerdy public health educator married to a professional artist, we took it as an opportunity to help explain things in a fun way (and use up some of hundreds of pieces of sidewalk chalk we’ve accumulated). I had a few more punny ideas but ran out of driveway!”

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