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Have You Spent Your Time Teleworking Growing Houseplants?

A house plant with roundish green leaves and purple flowers
NLM's Melissa Yorks sent in this photo of an African violet.

Photo:  Credit Melissa Yorks

Being indoors over the past year has drawn many of us to houseplants and indoor gardening. If you’ve started or added to your collection during the past year at home and would like to share photos of your favorite plants with us, we’d love to feature them in the Record

If you would like to participate, send a high-resolution color photo with a brief caption explaining what the plant means to you to Bonus points if you give us the plant’s scientific name!

A reader heeded the Record’s call for plants and sent a photo of this African violet also known as Saintpaulia ionantha. “My mother loved them and always had several of different colors in the house. This is one of mine,” noted Melissa Yorks, a longtime NIH’er now retired and working for NLM as an indexer. “We put in all those index terms you see in PubMed.”

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