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Scientific image of magenta, yellow, and blue disks floating in a dark background

August 18, 2023

  • NCI Biologist Invents Safer Pepper Spray

    An NCI scientist has invented a safer pepper spray for use by law enforcement and for personal protection. Larry Pearce and retired NCI investigator Dr. Peter M. Blumberg, developed a pepper spray that, when administered, causes a painful stimulation and incapacitates a person for only a brief period.
  • Long Covid Clinical Trials Launch, Enrollment Opens

    On July 31, NIH launched phase 2 clinical trials that will evaluate at least four potential treatments for long Covid, with additional clinical trials to test at least seven more treatments expected in the coming months.
  • NIH Zebrafish Research Featured on Postage Stamps

    A microscopy image created by NIH researchers is part of the “Life Magnified” stamp panel issued Aug. 10 by the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  • Fire Department Celebrates 70th Anniversary

    The acting director of NIH's Division of Fire & Rescue Services traces the fire department from its humble beginnings 70 years ago to the larger, modernized force it has become today. NIHFD serves both the NIH community as well as all of Montgomery County.
Scientific image of magenta, yellow, and blue disks floating in a dark background

On the Cover

Zebrafish are an excellent model for studying the development of blood cells and blood vessels. This image shows blood cells (magenta) in blood vessels (yellow) on the yolk of an anesthetized, two-day-old, transgenic zebrafish embryo, which is about the size of a grain of rice. The image was taken using a powerful microscope that uses lasers to illuminate the fish.

Daniel Castranova, Weinstein Lab/NICHD

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