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November 10, 2023

  • First Lady Biden, Australia’s Haydon Visit Clinical Center

    First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Jodie Haydon, partner of the Prime Minister of Australia, came to NIH Oct. 25 on an official visit to meet with Acting NIH Director Dr. Lawrence Tabak, Clinical Center CEO Dr. James Gilman and Dr. Monica Bertagnolli, director of the National Cancer Institute and President Joe Biden’s nominee for NIH director.
  • Holland Offers Inspiration, Wisdom at CC Grand Rounds

    NIAID's Dr. Steven Holland recently discussed why he studies rare immunodeficiencies, what makes the Clinical Center unique and why researchers such as himself stay at NIH for so long. Speaking at a recent CC Grand Rounds, Holland tells new trainees to "dare to rethink" problems and embrace mistakes as learning tools.
  • Smith, Johnson Advise Men to Advance Women's Equity

    There's an important role for men in advancing women's equity. Dr. W. Brad Johnson and Dr. David Smith, researchers, co-authors and professors spoke recently at the 2023 NIH Research Festival in a lecture, “The Power of Allyship and Gender Partnership,” sponsored by the NIH women scientist advisory committee.
  • NIH’s New Landscape Architect Committed to Sustainability

    NIH’s landscape architects have always committed themselves to creating a sustainable campus brimming with plants and wildlife. Connor Price, the newest cultivator of NIH grounds, is carrying on the tradition. As landscape architect, Price directs basic upkeep by NIH’s grounds maintenance contractor, helps to prevent erosion and address water runoff issues and digitally catalogs trees on campus.
A large blue cube with many white wisps floating on top, against a black background

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