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THRO’s Walters Celebrates Native American Heritage Month with Talk About Families

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Dr. Karina Walters, director of NIH’s Tribal Health Research Office (THRO), presented “Watering the Seeds of AI/AN Ancestral Love and Wisdom to Create Healthful Families and Generations” on Nov. 3 as a featured speaker for the Administration for Native Americans (ANA), part of the Administration for Children and Families. She spoke about American Indians cultivating the love and wisdom of their ancestors to create healthful families and future generations. Afterward, Walters and ANA Commissioner Patrice Kunesh talked together about issues related to the health of Native children and families. 

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Colorful artwork depicting features of native heritage, with an indigenous woman in the foreground. A banner across the bottom reads "Artist: Mallery Quetawki (Zuni Pueblo), Healing Spirit, 2018"

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