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Colorful rods float over white collagen fibers.

January 29, 2016

  • Biden Inspires ‘Moonshot’ Cancer Effort at NIH

    Putting his considerable political capital behind fresh opportunities to make progress against cancer, Vice President Joe Biden is to run “mission control” at an NIH and National Cancer Institute-led “moonshot” effort, said President Barack Obama at his Jan. 12 State of the Union address.
  • ‘Databrary’ Promotes Sharing, Reuse of Video for Researchers

    “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures.” That’s how important video is to developmental research, said Dr. Karen Adolph, professor of psychology and neural science at New York University.
  • Advances in Clinical Research Have Made HCM Highly Treatable

    One underlying cause of sudden cardiac death is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a genetic disease that is highly treatable today. Yet HCM remains the most common cause of sudden cardiac death in young people, including competitive athletes.
  • Guidelines Help Caregivers Meet Cancer Patients’ Needs

    Dr. Lori Wiener's experiences led her to be a senior leader of a project that developed the first-ever evidence-based clinical standards that provide strong recommendations to support pediatric cancer patients’ psychosocial well-being.
Colorful rods float over white collagen fibers.

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A model for collagenase movement and degradation of collagen fibrils based on single-molecule tracking of collagenase enzymes.

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