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Gov. Hogan Visits NIH, Children’s Inn

Hogan, Morella and Middleton family sit talking at the Inn.

Gov. Larry Hogan (l) converses with the Middleton family, along with NIH director Dr. Francis Collins and former Rep. Connie Morella (R-MD), seated at right.

Photo: Ernie Branson

Hogan hugs young patient

Hogan meets patient Dillon Papier at the Children's Inn.

Photo: Ernie Branson

Hogan shakes hands with young patient

Hogan meets another patient from Maryland, Jennifer Middleton, at the Inn.

Photo: Ernie Branson

Hogan and Dr. Staudt chat in his lab.

Hogan (r) confers with Dr. Louis Staudt, co-chief of NCI’s Lymphoid Malignancies Branch, in his laboratory.

Photo: Ernie Branson

Collins and Hogan stand chatting in CRC atrium.

NIH director Dr. Francis Collins (l) points out features of the CRC model in the hospital atrium.

Photo: Ernie Branson

Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) visited NIH on the afternoon of Apr. 28, stopping first at the Clinical Center, where he toured the laboratory of Dr. Louis Staudt, co-chief of NCI’s Lymphoid Malignancies Branch. The governor then proceeded to the Children’s Inn at NIH, where he met patients and their families.

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