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HHS Launches Demographic Survey

HHS launched a department-wide survey on July 20 to update federal employee records on race, ethnicity and disability status. The Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. Census previously updated the categories for race and ethnicity; HHS is conducting this survey to ensure that it has accurate and up-to-date demographic information for employees within the department. 

Currently, NIH and other agencies within the department do not have updated information for employees who were onboard prior to changes in OMB and Census standards. These changes include the ability to identify with more than one racial category, separation of the Asian and Pacific Islander racial categories, addition of a racial category for Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders and the option to identify ethnicity (Hispanic/Latino) and race. 

The survey will also provide an opportunity to update the disability status of employees. Employees may develop disabilities throughout the course of their careers that did not exist when they entered the workforce.

Federal employees will receive an email from HHS with a link to the survey. Employees are asked to take 5 minutes to participate in this voluntary survey. The survey is open for 1 month.

Questions about the survey should be sent to

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