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NCI’s Brosky Says Farewell

Brosky sit next a microscope
NCI’s Keith Brosky

After 18 years at NIH, Keith Brosky, who joined the NCI Laboratory of Pathology in 1998 as a cytotechnologist, is hanging up his lab coat. Friends and co-workers helped celebrate the end of an era on Oct. 6. 

“A truly vital part of the laboratory,” according to colleagues, Brosky was instrumental in developing new procedures, training residents and fellows and even collaborated with hospitals in Kenya to improve cytology services and access to patient care in that country. In addition, he co-authored numerous publications. Also, because of his direct patient contact, he has seen dramatic improvements in the patients who have been involved in cancer clinical trials over the years.

“I enjoyed working in the cytology laboratory with co-workers who have been like a family to me,” Brosky said. “There is a complete team effort, and technical and support staff are treated with respect and as equals to the staff physicians. The taco parties we had a few times each year were also a plus!”

Dr. Armando Filie, head of the cytopathology section, said, “Keith has a keen knowledge as a cytotechnologist and dedication and professionalism not only with regard to patient care but also in maintaining the lab. Of course, his dry and witty sense of humor could always make even the most stressful situations less tense. Keith has been a critical part of the cytopathology section.”

Brosky took a great deal of pride in taking on difficult jobs and his presence in the laboratory will be genuinely missed by all who knew him, colleagues said.

“Keith’s technical expertise, professionalism and commitment to patient care set a uniquely high standard that will continue to serve as an inspiration to everyone who has had the pleasure to work with him,” said staff cytopathologist Dr. Mark Roth. “He is truly among the best, with a distinctive blend of humor, joy and efficiency that will be deeply missed and that is unlikely to be replicated.”

Brosky and his wife, Kathleen, who is also retiring at this time from the NRC, will stay in the area for the next year or so, but plan move to Pennsylvania or Delaware and downsize in the future. 

There will also be lots of traveling, with a trip to Italy already scheduled for next year. Brosky will also catch up on some reading, make a few home improvements and potentially foster cats.

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