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HR Debuts New Web Site

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Screenshot of HR's new web site

More than a year ago, the Office of Human Resources information management team began conducting user testing on the OHR web site. They wanted to gauge employees’ level of satisfaction as they were using the site. When testing was complete, it was clear that a new kind of site was needed. 

The team conducted three focus groups with all types of users across NIH, including administrative personnel, interns, management analysts, managers and program analysts. They collected information concerning main navigation, design, language, style, structure and more. Then they did more user testing—this time by giving users a mockup of what the new site could look like. Also, user testing was completed with the public. 

Now, thanks to all the feedback, the new OHR web site is here. Changes include: 

  •  Simplified language and labeling, focusing strictly on HR topics to make it easier to understand for the average user
  •  A modern design with an intuitive navigation
  •  Audience pages for new, current and retired employees, with quick links to help you jump to information easily
  •  A repository of frequently asked questions by HR topics
  •  Streamlined HR topics for a public web site. NIH employee-only topics (off-boarding, HR systems information, etc.) have been moved to the IntraHR site.

If you go to the old link——you will be automatically redirected to So make sure to bookmark the new link. 

HR wants to hear from you and continue to improve the site. Provide feedback by completing the “Can We Make This Page Better?” form at the bottom of each page. 

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