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Science Program for Kids Needs Teachers

Four young boys crowd around a science project

Adventure in Science is planning its 25th year at NIH.

Photo: Ed Max

Youngster is guided by adult instructor in science experiment

AIS is designed to show 8- to 11-year-olds the fun of science using hands-on activities.

Photo: Ed Max

Adventure in Science (AIS), a non-profit science education program for children, is planning its 25th year at NIH. The program, which meets on Saturday mornings October through March in Bldg. 10, is designed to show 8- to 11-year-olds the fun of science using hands-on activities—from building (and launching) model rockets to dissecting frogs, visualizing the activity of enzymes, measuring their lung volumes and more.  

AIS teachers are mostly volunteers from the NIH community, from postdoctoral fellows to institute directors. This is a great opportunity to exercise your teaching skills with an enthusiastic audience. You can volunteer to teach for only one Saturday or for several.  

If you are interested in AIS, read the “About Us” section at Then, if you want to volunteer, think about possible topics you might teach and send your contact information to Ed Max ( Enrollment for children is completed for this year, but will be open for 2018-2019 next spring, as announced at

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