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NIDA’s Rapaka Earns Two Lifetime Achievement Awards

Dr. Rao Rapaka
Dr. Rao Rapaka

NIDA’s Dr. Rao Rapaka was honored with two awards for his dedicated support and significant contributions to research and development related to drug abuse. He received a 2018 Hall of Fame award from the Society for Chemistry and Pharmacology of Drug Abuse and the Life Achievement Award 2018 from the Society for Personalized Nanomedicine. 

Both of these organizations have wide membership and a strong focus on the field of drug abuse research and development. In honoring Rapaka, both echoed a common theme, recognizing Rapaka’s untiring dedication and visionary outlook in forging new directions for research in drug abuse. They cited his vision in bringing cutting-edge advances in fields of lipidomics, structural biology and chemistry to bear on research in drug abuse, in addition to his passion for mentoring scientists, paving the way to seminal discoveries in new approaches, targets and medications in development for drug abuse pharmacotherapy.

Rapaka is chief of the Chemistry, Pharmacology and Physiological Systems Research Branch in the Division of Neuroscience and Behavior. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Rapaka has received several other awards from national and international societies including the International Cannabinoid Research Society, American Peptide Society, International Narcotic Research Conference and the College on Problems of Drug Dependence. 

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