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DTR Training Program Again Earns AP Status

Nika Lilley
The energy behind DTR’s continued accredited provider status includes Nika Lilley, DTR training program manager.
Steve Breslin
Another driving force behind DTR’s continued accredited provider status is Steve Breslin, DTR Standards and Policy Branch chief
A poster shows researchers looking at vials and a microscope and the facade of Bldg. 1.
DTR website features its IACET stamp of approval (upper right corner).

The Office of Research Facilities (ORF) supports NIH’s mission by designing, maintaining and operating the facilities that house the agency’s research, clinical and administrative functions. ORF’s Division of Technical Resources (DTR) supports ORF through its training program, which provides architects, engineers and project officers with relevant courses taught by industry experts on topics including national code and standard updates, industry best practices and other technical skills and knowledge. 

DTR’s training program has recently been approved, once again, as an International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) accredited provider (AP). 

IACET is dedicated to setting the highest possible standards for continuing education and training, and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ANSI/IACET standard that APs follow is the backbone of leading educational programs worldwide. The DTR program is one of only 501 APs currently listed on the association’s site and uses its accreditation to provide regular, high-caliber technical training for NIH’ers.

To earn AP status, DTR completed the IACET application process in 2010, which included a review by a site visitor, and demonstrated adherence to the ANSI/IACET 1-2007 standard regarding design, development, administration and evaluation of its programs and record systems. The program has since maintained its AP status by submitting a comprehensive reaccreditation application once every 5 years. 

As of the most recent reaccreditation, DTR is compliant with the current ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard.

APs comply with the standard to hold rigorous, quality training events, and are the only organizations approved to offer IACET continuing education units (CEUs)—credits recognized by numerous institutions globally. 

While the DTR Training Program is the only IACET accredited provider at NIH, training events are open to all NIH employees who are interested in registering. Additionally, groups who work with the program to host training events can benefit from its AP status to offer CEUs.

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