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Donate Use-or-Lose Hours to Leave Bank

In 2020, NIH employees lost an estimated $4.1 million in annual leave. Don’t lose yours. The Leave Bank offers the opportunity to put that leave to use by donating it by Jan. 1 via ITAS. When you donate to the Leave Bank, you help a co-worker in need, like this recipient:

“Words cannot express my gratitude for the leave bank. My son has a very serious (and terminal) illness, resulting in many hospital stays, as well as multiple surgeries. Knowing that the leave bank is available gives me the peace of mind to know that remaining in pay status is something that I no longer have to worry about and that I can put all my attention and care where it should be, with my son. From our family to yours, thank you for helping us through this very difficult time.”

To donate, log in at On the tool bar, select “Donate to Leave Bank.” Find more information at For questions, call (301) 443-8393 or email

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