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UNITE Portrait Project Installed

Colorful poster features several portraits of individuals from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds with theme "Together We're Stronger" written in bold.
The UNITE-inspired installation features the theme "Together We're Stronger." A virtual tour of the exhibition is also planned.

Photo:  Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Several individuals stand in a hallway looking at a newly hung portrait
Viewing the new art are (from l) project lead Dr. Sadhana Jackson, NIH director Dr. Francis Collins and UNITE cochairs—Dr. Alfred Johnson, Dr. Marie Bernard and Dr. Lawrence Tabak.

Photo:  Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Jackson smiles holding her portrait.
Jackson holds her own portrait before its installation in Bldg. 10.

Photo:  Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

A UNITE art installation project was officially unveiled during an onsite walk-through with NIH leadership on Nov. 19. 

The project focuses on diversifying art within NIH buildings and digital spaces. The artwork is meant to highlight the diversity of NIH staff and reflect the diversity of our nation in order to promote a sense of inclusivity and belonging. The effort additionally aims to enhance NIH recruitment and retention efforts. 

The first phase of portraits will be installed in Bldgs. 1, 10 and 31 on the Bethesda main campus. The new interior design concept and artwork were crafted by the NIH Medical Arts Branch, which was recently recognized with the 2021 Graphic Design USA Health and Wellness Design Award. 

For more about the artwork project, visit Details about UNITE activities can be found at

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