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CAR-T Study Recruits

NCI is looking for clinical trial participants with Glypican-3 positive HHC, a type of liver cancer, to receive an experimental therapy of genetically modified CAR-T cells. Study treatment consists of a preparative regimen with standard chemotherapy drugs fludarabine and cyclophosphamide and CAR-T cell infusion. Researchers want to see if this treatment can help people with a certain type of liver cancer. NIH will cover study-related costs for medical care, travel and housing. For more information on specific criteria, visit or call (866) 444-2214 and refer to study #21-C-0030.

Volunteers Needed for Testing

Are you willing to undergo testing for research? By giving a little of yourself, you will be helping researchers in the neuroimmunology diseases section at NIH with discoveries in diagnosing and treating multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases. This study will compare tests performed on healthy volunteers and individuals who have signs or symptoms of immune-related damage to their brain and spine. There is no cost to participate and compensation may be provided. Interested? Contact the Clinical Center Office of Patient Recruitment at (866) 444-2214 (TTY dial 711) or Refer to study #09-I-0032. View online details:

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