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Danazol Study Recruits Participants

NHLBI researchers are testing two low doses of danazol on individuals with short telomere disease and bone marrow disease, lung or liver disease. For more information, call the Office of Patient Recruitment (866) 444-2214 (TTY users dial 711). Online: Refer to study 18-H-0004.

Healthy Women Sought for Study

NICHD is seeking healthy women to compare with women who have experienced implantation failure and/or early or recurrent pregnancy loss. Researchers want to look at the uterine lining, the endometrium, to understand its role in implantation and miscarriage. Contact the Office of Patient Recruitment, (866) 444-2214 (TTY users dial 711) or Online: Refer to 000206-CH.

Adults with Covid-19 Sought

NIMHD researchers are recruiting adults newly diagnosed with Covid-19 (within 72 hours) for a study. This is a remote study with no in-person visits. The study will collect physical health data using a temperature patch and digital wristband that will be provided to each patient. The collected data will be uploaded to an app using a smartphone and will help researchers gain a better understanding of how Covid-19 progresses in patients and its long-term effects in patient groups with different demographics and risk profiles. To learn more, contact the Clinical Center Office of Patient Recruitment at (866) 444-2214 (TTY users dial 711) or Refer to study #000315

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