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At-Home Antigen Tests Still Available to Order

A poster shows a testing card and reads: Fact: Current Covid-19 at-home tests can successfully detect the Omicron variant.

NIH staff have an additional opportunity to participate in the voluntary At-Home Antigen Testing Pilot Program. Rapid Covid-19 tests continue to be in stock for online ordering. As of June 27, an additional 1,000 staff members have joined NIH over the last several months. If this group includes you, or if you have not ordered during the latest round, place your order using the directions below. The focus is staff who are onsite more often and who meet these criteria: 

  • NIH staff only (employees, contractors, trainees, tenants, etc.) 
  • Staff in the Return to Physical Workplace (RTPW) groups (except for designations of Remote Worker, To Be Determined and Not Applicable)
  • Have not received tests from this program after May 5, 2022

If you meet these criteria, click on to place a one-time online order for 10 tests (5 boxes). If you are unsure of your RTPW group, you can view your designation by logging into the NED Portal (network access or VPN required). Complete the form using your home address. You will need to provide your 10-digit NIH ID number found on the back of your badge (PIV card). This program is part of NIH’s continued efforts to mitigate workplace transmission of Covid-19. 

Questions about the testing process or test results? Contact the Occupational Medical Services Call Center at (301) 480-8990 (Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET). 

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