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Enrollment Open for NIH Leave Bank

Fall Open Enrollment for the NIH Leave Bank has started and runs until Dec. 11. The membership period will begin on Jan. 14.

The Leave Bank is a pooled bank of donated annual and restored annual leave available to eligible members. It acts like a safeguard for your paycheck and amounts to paid leave for members who have exhausted all of their own sick and annual leave and are affected by a personal or family medical emergency.

To become a Leave Bank member, access the Integrated Time and Attendance System (ITAS) during Open Enrollment and select “Leave Bank Membership” to enroll. If you are a 2023 Leave Bank member, your membership will automatically continue into 2024, unless you opt out in ITAS during Open Enrollment. The yearly membership contribution is one pay period’s worth of annual leave accrual. The membership contribution will be waived automatically if you lack sufficient leave or have an open VLTP and/or Leave Bank recipient account.

For more information, visit or contact the Leave Bank Office at (301) 443-8393 or

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