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Submit Ideas for Cancer Moonshot Initiative

As part of the Vice President’s National Cancer Moonshot Initiative, the National Cancer Institute has launched an online engagement platform to enable the research community and the public to submit cancer research ideas to a blue ribbon panel of scientific experts.

Any member of the public is encouraged to submit ideas for reducing the incidence of cancer and developing better ways to prevent, treat and cure all types of cancer. 

Research ideas may be submitted in the following areas: cancer clinical trials; data sharing; dissemination & population sciences; immunotherapy & immunoprevention; pediatric cancer; tumor evolution & progression; other exceptional opportunities.

To submit your scientific research ideas to the Moonshot Initiative visit

Scientific ideas can also be submitted to or by phone to the Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER. 

To sign up for updates on the engagement platform and other aspects of the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative, visit

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