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NIH Record - 75th Anniversary - National Institutes of Health

Vaccine Study Needs Normal Volunteers

NIAID researchers seek healthy volunteers, 18 to 70 years old, to participate in an influenza (flu) vaccine study. Scientists are testing an investigational vaccine to determine if it is safe and if there are any side effects. There is no risk of infection since the investigational vaccine product does not contain any virus. Compensation is provided. For more information, call 1-866-833-5433 or email

Patients with Myeloma Needed

Do you or someone you know have hard to treat multiple myeloma that has spread to your soft tissue and/or bones and are thinking about options? NCI researchers are conducting a clinical trial for relapsed refractory multiple myeloma using the immunotherapy drug avelumab with radiation therapy with hopes that they may help your body’s immune system destroy the myeloma cells. Call the NIH Office of Patient Recruitment at 1-866-444-2214. Refer to study 19-C-0078. Read more at

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