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January 9, 2001
Vol. LIII, No. 1

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Budget Was a Struggle, But New Center Plans Are Clear

John Scott Award
Goes to NIDDK's Bax

Gershengorn To Direct Intramural NIDDK

NIH Deepens Commitment
to Adopted School

National Wheelchair Basketball Athletes Bring Sports Passion to NIH

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Lawmakers Hew to 'Doubling' Track
NIH Gets Another Record Budget

Though the agency had to wait nearly 3 months for it, and through a string of continuing resolutions that went into the teens, NIH emerged Dec. 29 with another record-setting budget for fiscal year 2001, totalling $20.3 billion, or about $1.5 billion more than the President had requested. The increase of nearly 14 percent over last year's mark of $17.8 billion keeps NIH on a pace legislators have set to double the agency's budget in the period 1998-2003.
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Project Links Native Americans to Medical Information

Acting NIH deputy director Dr. Yvonne Maddox and NLM director Dr. Donald Lindberg (r) join tribal leader Maurice Proctor at the dedication ceremony for the new computer facility in Waldorf.

Computers and the Internet they're everywhere, right?

Unfortunately, no. Some people have been left out of the digital revolution the poor, the elderly, rural populations and minorities such as Native Americans. But for one Indian community just miles from NIH, they're right in the middle of the action.
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