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Just Like Old Times

It might as well be 1950, when the Clinical Center was being built, judging by the presence of massive construction cranes on the east and west sides of the building. Plans call for the south side of the hospital, seen here, to become the new entrance to Bldg. 10 while the new Clinical Research Center is built on the north face of the structure.

Encroaching on parking lot 10K near the county firehouse at Cedar Ln. and Old Georgetown Rd. is this staging site for contractors involved in campus renovation. A number of trailers have been arranged into a small village segregated from parking and parkland by fences.

A peek through a construction fence shows extent of utility tunnel excavation directly opposite Bldg. 1. Center Dr. has had to shimmy sideways to allow for the digging.

The greensward that formerly graced the west lawn of Stone House is now a bustling construction site as workers prepare to renovate utility tunnels adjacent to Center Dr.

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