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January 21, 2003
Vol. LV, No. 2

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Nobelist Nirenberg Honored at NHLBI Symposium at Natcher

Deputy Director Wendy Baldwin Heads for Kentucky

Henderson To Give Second FIC Global Health Lecture

Project Sparks Interest of 4th Graders in Health, Science

Management Intern Program Recruits

Word of Mouth Influences Joint Replacement

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Prevention, Preparedness Are Top Priorities
Surgeon General Shares Plan To 'Transform' Commissioned Corps

By Carla Garnett

Just a week or so following his emergency appendectomy at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Surgeon General Richard Carmona wanted to make a couple of things crystal clear during his Dec. 19 all-hands meeting at NIH with commissioned officers: First, he did not intentionally set out to test uniformed services' urgent-care facilities and — contrary to humorous, but untrue accounts — he did not remove his own appendix, although he did confess to diagnosing himself and perhaps offering treatment suggestions to his care providers. Secondly, and most importantly, he intends to use hearty endorsements of the Public Health Service from both the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the President to transform the Commissioned Corps as well as the entire PHS.
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Free Series In 14th Year
Manchester String Quartet Soothes, Challenges At Midday Concerts in Masur Auditorium

By Rich McManus

photo of a violin being played
There can't be many workplaces in the world where, eight to 10 times a year, a world-class string quartet entertains for free during the lunch hour, playing thematically coherent programs of classical music masterworks in an acoustically decent and capacious hall, introduced by a friendly cellist who goes out of his way to make listeners feel exactly like he does — as if he's playing for friends in his living room.
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