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DCRT Springs into New Term

DCRT is offering a record number of computer-related classes and seminars from now through the end of May. To receive a catalog or register, call 4-DCRT or visit on the Web.

This spring's highlight is Web Information Day on May 28 in the Natcher Conference Center. It will feature keynote speaker Dr. Vinton Cerf, "father of the Internet," and lectures/demonstrations covering a wide range of Web-related topics including hot new tools, intranets, and biomedical sites. For more about this special event, free to all NIH'ers, see

DCRT's 1997 spring semester offers many more classes on the Web as well as seminars on:

  • "MacroModel: A Chemist's Molecular Modeling Tool" by Dr. Carol Parish on Feb. 20, one lecture in a series sponsored by the Molecular Modeling Interest Group.
  • Quantum chemistry, a five-session series beginning Mar. 3.
  • Image processing, a six-session series led by Dr. Benes Trus beginning Mar. 11. Use of the NIH Image software in particular and its application to densitometric analysis of 1-D gels and segmentation of images will be discussed in two brief seminars.
  • "Biomolecular Docking with ICM" by Dr. Ruben Abagyan on Mar. 18.
  • Using Adobe PhotoShop to acquire scientific images on Apr. 17 and using Adobe Illustrator to prepare scientific images for publication on May 7.
  • "Theory and Applications of van der Waals Forces" by Dr. V. Adrian Parsegian, a series focusing on the theoretical physical foundations as well as the practical significance of van der Waals forces, which begins on May 22.

Those who were wait-listed last semester for popular classes (Windows 95, Unix, Internet Explorer, PC Trouble Shooting) will be glad to know more sessions have been added to meet demand.

Students and their organizations are not charged for DCRT training because most instructors are volunteers from the division and other ICDs who generously share their expertise with others. If you would like to teach a class, call Leslie Barden, 4-3278.

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