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February 20, 2001
Vol. LIII, No. 4

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Fine Feathered Friends Courted
Grounds Maintenance Tries Novel Approach to Pest Control

By Carla Garnett

Photos by Bill Branson

NIH grounds guru Lynn Mueller examines a newly installed birdhouse.

Wanted: Residents to occupy a couple dozen brand new homes on the NIH campus.

Cost to rent: Really cheep (sorry), although applicants must be willing to work in exchange for housing.
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From Genes to Proteins: NIGMS Catalogs the Shapes of Life

By Alisa Zapp Machalek

Now that we have published versions of the human genome sequence, what's next? For many scientists, the answer is proteins.

NIGMS is leading an initiative that focuses on one important aspect of proteins — their three-dimensional structures. While gene sequencing projects identify and arrange all the "letters" in an organism's genetic material, the NIGMS Protein Structure Initiative will harness this genetic information to help identify and group into "families" all the natural shapes that proteins can form.
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