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NIH Record Study Subjects Sought

Hypertension Study Needs Vols

The Cardiology Branch, NHLBI, is recruiting patients with high blood pressure for a 3-day outpatient study. Volunteers should not have any other medical problems and should not have a cholesterol higher than 200 mg/dL. Participants will be paid. Call 496-8739.

High Cholesterol Study Recruits

The Cardiology Branch, NHLBI, is recruiting patients with high cholesterol levels (250 mg or higher) who have no other medical problems to be included in a 3-day outpatient study. Participants will be paid. Call 496-8739.

Long, Short Sleepers Needed

To complete a sleep study, NIMH is looking for male and female volunteers ages 20-35 who routinely sleep 9 hours or more nightly, or who sleep 6 or fewer hours nightly. Volunteers must have no sleep disturbances or insomnia, plus no history of mental illness. Volunteers must be in good general health and not taking any medications or birth control pills. The study requires living on the research unit for 4 consecutive days. Compensation is available. For more information call 496-5831.

Identical Twin Pairs Needed for Study

The HLA Laboratory is interested in analyzing the T-cell receptor repertoire of normal identical twin pairs. Normal healthy adult identical twin pairs are needed for this study. Each twin pair should be willing to undergo thorough medical history, HLA testing, complete blood count and leukopheresis. Optimally, subjects should be available for further questioning about their previous and subsequent medical history. Twin donors will be paid for their blood donations. Call 496-8852 to sign up. If you have responded to this inquiry in the past, resubmit your name and phone number for another phase of the study.

Folks with Uveitis Needed

NEI seeks adults and children with uveitis for research studies to help find ways to improve diagnosis and treatment. The studies take place at the Clinical Center. NIH patients receive study-related eye exams, testing and care at no charge. For more information, call 1-800-411-1222.

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