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Nutrition Month Observed at NIH

NIH is hosting a number of activities in March to promote National Nutrition Month. The theme this year, selected by the American Dietetic Association, is "Make nutrition come alive. It's all about you." This message reminds us that we are empowered to select healthy foods for ourselves and our families. Variety and moderation are the key factors to a healthy diet, and combine with adequate physical activity to yield a healthy lifestyle.

The following activities on campus are planned for March:

  • Clinical Center dietetic interns will present two nutrition classes for employees from 12:30 to 1 p.m. on two Fridays in March. "Size It Up! Increase Your Awareness of How Much You Are Eating," will be presented Mar. 6 in the Little Theatre, Bldg. 10 and Mar. 13 in Bldg. 31, Rm. 8A28. "Get Moving! Controlling Your Weight With an Active Lifestyle," will be presented on Mar. 6 in 31/8A28 and on Mar. 13 in the Little Theatre.

  • The NIH Division of Nutrition Research Coordination is hosting a nutrition seminar on Thursday, Mar. 19. Dr. Thomas A. Wadden from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine will present a lecture on "Behaviors and Attitudes Associated with Weight Management," in balcony C of the Natcher Bldg. from 3 to 4 p.m.

  • DNRC and NHLBI are hosting a discussion of issues related to "Dietary Fat Intake" on Friday, Mar. 27 in Natcher conference rooms F1&2 from 2:30 to 4 p.m. The presenter will be Dr. Scott Grundy, director, Center for Human Nutrition at Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Colorful nutrition month posters will appear on the director's bulletin boards and in NIH cafeterias to announce the month's theme.

  • DeLITEful Entrees (lower in fat, sodium, cholesterol and calories than regular entrees) will continue to be provided in the NIH cafeterias operated by GSI. (These entrees were initiated during National Nutrition Month in 1996.) The Better Choices Vending Program (to identify snacks lower in fat, sodium and calories) will be back in many NIH vending machines.

  • A message about the nutrition month theme will appear on your Feb. 24 and Mar. 24 DHHS Earnings and Leave Statements.

  • Important information on a variety of nutrition-related themes is available from NIDDK's Weight Control Information Network, phone (800) 946-8098; NHLBI (301) 251-1222 and 1-800 575-WELL; and the Cancer Information Service (800 4-CANCER). In addition, ADA offers a consumer nutrition hot line (800 366-1655) for food and nutrition messages taped in English and Spanish.

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