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Dear Editor,

Congratulations on the January 28th piece on recycling at NIH. This fine example of NIH Record propaganda finally convinced me to stop reading your newspaper once and forever. For anyone coming from outside the U.S., the NIH campus resembles an ecological disaster area. There is not a word in your story about plastic and glass, which are just dumped in the trash in most of the labs. As far as I am concerned, you can contribute to the NIH efforts to protect the environment by printing less copies of the NIH Record. From my observations, one or two copies per lab would be sufficient.

Dr. Leszek Wojnowski, NIMH

Dear Editor,

The Dr. Tjio article in the Feb. 11 NIH Record exemplifies the consistently high standards set by you and your staff at the Record. We sometimes take for granted the effort and talent required to produce a newsletter of this quality. Thank you for a well-researched and superbly written article.

Louis Kerns, NCI

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