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NIH-Puerto Rico Extramural Associates
Hold Workshop in San Juan

The NIH-Puerto Rico Extramural Associates (EA) Consortium -- an outgrowth of the EA Program -- recently organized a workshop on "Proposal Writing, Peer Review and NIH-NSF Funding Opportunities," which was convened in San Juan. Dr. Matthew Kinnard, director of the EA Program, said it was a landmark accomplishment "because the primary mission of the EA Program is to encourage and facilitate the entry and participation of underrepresented minorities and women in biomedical and behavioral research."

Dr. Matthew Kinnard (r), director, Extramural Associates Program, meets with Dr. Norman Maldonado, president of the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, at the recent 3-day workshop in Puerto Rico.

The 3-day workshop featured more than 100 scientists and health scientist administrators and included presentations on various aspects of grantsmanship, NIH and NSF funding opportunities for research and training, peer-review mechanisms and the history, mission and future of the EA Program. The program was organized by four Puerto Rican extramural associates who are current recipients of EA research development awards from NIH.

The "hands-on" workshop gave participants an opportunity to participate in a "mock peer review" session as well as to hear from representatives of NIH and NSF extramural programs. Two NIH offices that are particularly supportive of the EA Program were represented by Dr. Lorrita Watson, minority health policy analyst, Office of Research on Minority Health, and Joyce Rudick, senior program analyst, Office of Research on Women's Health, both of whom addressed the audience. Other NIH'ers making presentations included Kinnard, Drs. Anne Sassaman and Jose Velazquez from NIEHS, Milton Hernandez from NIAID, Anthony Rene from NIGMS and Lynn Amende, NINR. A practical proposal writing seminar was directed by Dr. Mary Ann Sestili, formerly of NCRR and former EA advisory board chair, which was followed by presentations by Drs. Clifton Poodry, director, MORE Program, NIGMS, Adolphus Toliver, director, MARC Program, and Ernest Marquez, director, MBRS Program.

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