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OD EEO Advisory Committee Embarks on Another Year

The Office of the Director's equal employment opportunity advisory committee (OD EEOAC) has developed several timely initiatives for the year that were approved by NIH deputy director Dr. Ruth Kirschstein.

The 21-member advisory body developed the plan at an all-day work session at which the members established three subcommittees to address the targeted goals for the year.

The workplace enhancement subcommittee will work to improve and clarify human resource issues and enhance the lines of communication between OD employees and managers.

The employee performance and work ethic subcommittee will seek to inform and educate OD employees at all levels about human resource and EEO policies and to infuse a positive and fair work ethic within the OD community.

The communications/marketing subcommittee will identify programs that enhance the quality of work life and provide this information to managers and employees. Their plan will include developing seminars and/or reports to distribute their findings.

The purpose of the OD EEOAC is to advise the deputy director on implementing and maintaining an equal employment opportunity/affirmative employment program in OD. Committee objectives are to:

  • Help identify and resolve problems unique to the status of minorities, women, and people with disabilities in the OD;
  • Promote development of ongoing EEO programs in OD to address these problems;
  • Inform employees of the many workplace policies and procedures that exist concerning their employment in OD, and the reasons for them;
  • Assist OD management in evaluating progress toward EEO objectives.

Members of the OD EEOAC represent a cross section of employees in all divisions, series and grades. OD employees are encouraged to discuss any suggestions with their committee representative.

1997 ODEEO Advisory Committee members include (seated, from l) cochair Stephane Philogene, NIH deputy director Dr. Ruth Kirschstein, chair Ellen Schildkamp, Kevin Wilson, Charles MacKay, Leslie DeGraff, and Bessie Hoskins; (standing, from l) Candice Mason, Rita Gant, Sabrina Uzzell, Reva Harris, Carol Meyer, OD EEO Manager Hilda Dixon, Valerie Pickett, Carla Garnett, Tammy Luke, Patricia Childress, Patricia Pemberton, Julia Derr and Marilyn Allen. Not shown are Cheryl Moore, Barbara Nolte and Shirley Villone.

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