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Pickin' and Grinnin' at Bldg. 6

Rolling through a series of Irish and bluegrass tunes on a sunny day on Bldg. 6's patio recently was a group known, for the moment, as the Bldg. 6 Boys. They are (from l) Jim Tomlin of CIT on mandolin, Steve Stahl of NIAMS on guitar, Mike Kacergis of NICHD on mandolin, and banjo picker Jim Rice of OD. The group spends two lunch breaks a week entertaining themselves and passersby in the vicinity of Bldg. 6.

NIH Police Get Explosives Training

Representatives of the Montgomery County bomb squad, part of the county fire marshal's office, visited NIH Mar. 31 to give routine in-service training talks on explosive devices to members of the NIH Police. Cpl. Robert Buchanan of NIH models a bomb search suit in the company of Capt. Sam Hsu of the bomb squad. The 52-pound military suit costs almost $10,000. The suit doesn't offer much protection from a bomb's blast, Hsu noted, but does offer thermal protection.

Lt. Brian Anderson of the bomb squad demonstrates a "disruptor," a robot-mounted, laser-sighted shotgun-like tube capable of shooting air, water (at a stunning 1,000 feet per second), shot or slugs. It is used to incapacitate many types of explosives, and is particularly effective in blasting the ends off of pipe bombs.

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