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Preschoolers Visit NIDR Lab

Photos: Bill Branson

Ten children from the Gan HaYeled preschool at Adas Israel Temple in Washington, D.C., recently visited Dr. Mike Iadarola in NIDR's Pain and Neurosensory Mechanisms Branch as part of Brain Awareness Week. The students were able to spend time in a "kid-proof" laboratory where they had hands-on experience color mixing, pipetting, and using centrifugation to separate a colored oil-water mixture as well as a soil sample. They also met the resident skeleton (teaching model) and some friendly lab mice.

Experiments with color fascinate (from l) Jonathan Iadarola, Andrew Jacobs, and Alex Donesky. Andrew went home that evening and did an experiment in his sink with ice cubes.

As the photographs attest, the budding scientists really enjoyed their field trip. Iadarola and his wife, Dr. Karen Berman of NIMH, have hosted laboratory visits for both of their sons' classes.

A centrifuge experiment involves (from l) teacher Suzanne Bull, Andrew Jacobs, Jonathan Iadarola (reaching), Alex Donesky, Jane Jacobs -- Andrew's mom -- and Dr. Mike Iadarola.

Students (from l) Ben Mingo, Tena Thau, and Renee Dunn look on as Dr. Drew Mannes performs some pipetting...

...then proceed to examine some test tubes.

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