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Gunton Retires from DRG After 20 Years of Federal Service

Jean Gunton, DRG administrative officer, retired recently after 20 years of federal service.

Born in Indiana, she graduated from Washington University School of Nursing in St. Louis. Before joining DRG, she worked as a registered nurse.

Early in 1977, she joined DRG's Referral and Review Branch as a clerk-typist, and was later promoted to grants technical assistant, then lead GTA. In 1986, she joined the administrative services office. At retirement, she was acting chief in the Office of Administrative Management.

After 20 years with DRG, Gunton said that more than anything else she will miss working with the people with whom she interacted on a daily basis. "The people are what make DRG a unique and interesting place to work," she said. "One thing I'm particularly proud of is the fact that this job has given me the opportunity to grow."

In addition to numerous quality step increases, Gunton was presented with the NIH Merit Award in 1985 "for leadership and judgment as lead grants technical assistant in anticipating and solving problems and improving procedures in the Referral and Review Branch, DRG."

Retirement plans include "travel with my husband, Ronald, who is retired." After a rewarding federal career, Gunton anticipates a new career of leisure.

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