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April 30, 2002
Vol. LIV, No. 9

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A 'Candy Store' for Reporters
Top Journalists Get to Know NIH

By Harrison Wein

The 2002 Knight medical science journalism fellows include (rear, from l) Tom Paulson, Seattle Post-Intelligencer; John Fauber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In front are (from l) Cheryl Platzman Weinstock, freelancer; Rick Weiss, Washington Post; Debra Goldschmidt, CNN Medical News; Rita Rubin, USA Today; Susan Dominus, Glamour and New York magazines.

Seven top journalists from around the country spent 3 weeks at NIH in March immersing themselves in the scientific culture they usually see from the outside.
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Exercise Can Chase the Blues, Studies Show

By Sophia Glezos Voit

Feeling depressed? Research shows exercise may help. But first it helps to define "depressed" and it's also good to know what is meant by "exercise."

Psychiatrist Matthew Rudorfer, who heads the NIMH Somatic Treatments Program, addressed these and other issues in his recent hour-long presentation to NIH'ers on what scientists know about the effects of exercise on mood.
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