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NIAMS Travels to Capitol Hill, Meets Children with Arthritis

NIAMS officials recently traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with youngsters with arthritis at a briefing sponsored by the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. The briefing, hosted by Rep. Connie Morella (R-Md.), was part of Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Week.

Featured speakers included NIAMS director Dr. Stephen Katz and Dr. Lisa Rider, a pediatric rheumatologist who works with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. A mother and child affected by juvenile arthritis shared their perspectives on the challenges of chronic disease. Several families were introduced, each conveying their own stories of lives complicated by the monotony and hardship of chronic rheumatic disorders.

NIH staff join Rep. Connie Morella (R-Md.) and young people with rheumatic diseases during a break in the briefing. In the back row are (from l) NIEHS' Dr. Linda Rider, NIAMS' Dr. Janet S. Austin and Morella.

NIAMS' participation in Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Week demonstrated the institute's collaborative relationship with health voluntary organizations. Katz emphasized NIAMS' work with its partners to achieve common goals: "We look forward to enhancing our already strong commitment to pursuing research for children with rheumatic diseases. The juvenile forms of these diseases present unique challenges — physically, emotionally and financially. We're committed to developing better approaches to their diagnosis, treatment and prevention."

Last year, NIAMS, in partnership with other NIH components, established the NIH Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic, a specialty-care medical facility on the NIH campus that provides an opportunity for both research and training in rheumatic diseases. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, dermatomyositis, ankylosing spondylitis and scleroderma are just a few of the rheumatic diseases that can affect children.

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